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FlaBizCo Enterprises, Explained.

Let me start by introducing myself; my name is Audrey Frazier and I am the visionary behind FlaBizCo Enterprises.  I’m an office manager-gone-consultant, serial entrepreneur, community volunteer, and most recently, a Florida Realtor®!

I’ll start by giving you a little history and context.

Originally from Oklahoma, I embarked on a journey as a first-generation college student. My desire to study criminology led me to Florida State University, where I graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology.  Although I am not a criminologist, my academic years laid a strong foundation for my commitment to excellence.  After graduation, I delved into business management, further honing my skills.  I had the privilege of working with the late Benjamin K. Phipps at The Phipps Firm, where I gained invaluable experience that has contributed to the strength and depth of my business acumen. These experiences have shaped me into the entrepreneur and community advocate I am today.  

In 2014, I started FlaBizCo as a web design company and grew it into a full-service administrative support company.  I have extensive experience in managing business affairs, including human resources, office operations, facilities maintenance, and implementing efficiencies and process improvements.  My clients have included attorneys, nurse practitioners, independent contractors, and service providers; the projects have ranged wildly in time and complexity.  Simply put, FlaBizCo is your outside source for business management expertise.  

In 2021, I created FlaBizClean to provide janitorial services at The Exchange Building in Tallahassee.  I'm proud to say that our company has experienced remarkable growth since then. Our team has expanded to include one dedicated full-time employee and more than 10 part-time employees. We're not just cleaning; we're providing building maintenance services, expert short-term rental turnover service, and post-construction clean-up.

At the end of 2021, I started a bounce house business, BizCoRentals.  Now in business for over two years, we have a wedding tent, canopy tents, chairs, tables, stages, dance floors, and audio equipment.  Unfortunately for the little ones, but fortunately for me, I sold the inflatables.  We’re just event equipment rentals now.

In 2023, I obtained my Florida real estate license and became part of Ketcham Realty Group. You might wonder why I didn't venture into starting my own brokerage firm right away.  The answer is simple: Florida's real estate regulations require agents to gain experience under a licensed broker before they can operate independently. I chose to team up with Patti Ketcham and her incredible team because Patti embodies the same core values of transparency, honesty, and integrity that are dear to me, making it a perfect match for our professional journey.

I’ve embarked on an incredible journey of growth.  Thank you for being a part of it!


Here's to more exciting ventures and collaborations ahead!


FlaBizCo Enterprises, Explained.


Warm regards,

Audrey Frazier

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